A curated video publication for curious souls seeking stories about the perplexing world, in which we live, told through the eyes of two 20-somethings


A New Review

The world is chaotic and amazing. It’s full of information and advancements so often hard to comprehend, but does nonetheless provide us with beautiful stories, ground-breaking initiatives and hopes for a better tomorrow.

Review Tomorrow aims to get you up to speed about some of the complex ideas and tendencies that shape our world. We do so through series of video, which are subjectively curated with some additional thoughts and key take-aways from sources that inspire us. 


“see patterns where most see chaos”


We curate series about relevant topics in a tight format; a maximum of five videos and three take-aways. Allowing you to cut through (some of) the bullshit online and rather get right to the core of the matter at hand, and hopefully providing you with knowledge that will make you the most interesting person at your next dinner party.


We are two curious souls with very similar interests, yet quite different approaches. We don’t believe in singling out differences between people in general, unless the contrasts bring about something positive. In our case, no surprise, we feel like it does. 

Behind the Screen