The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective

Internet & Society
September, 2016
46 minutes


Okay, so the impact of the Internet is possibly impossible to grasp in a single series. However, the stories presented below are all representative of the fact that the Internet posses the ability to touch virtually every aspect of our life. And more importantly it impacts parts of society that you - Western millennial intellectual type - probably never considered. Neither did we. So here’s a small selection of stories about (some) of the impact of the Internet. For your inspiration. 



How ‘Electronic Heroin’ Is Affecting China’s Youth


Are Japan's Net Café Refugees A Vision Of A Scary New Future?


Meet Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, And Spotify – All Without The Internet


How One Man Brought Internet To A Remote Region Of Nepal


What Do Kids Actually Think Of The Internet?


How China Is Changing Your Internet


Your Internet Isn't Just Underwater, It's Also Covered In Vaseline


The Takeaways



Japan’s group of Net Cafe Refugees is just one example in the vast amount of strange sub-cultures and hideaways that have been enabled or even caused by the mere existence of the Internet. It can be obscure and horrifying as well as wonderful and groundbreaking - and regardless of which it’s important to understand the unforeseen power the internet can have.

On a positive note, we’re huge fans of the “Weird Facebook” and “Weird Twitter” tendencies growing around the virtual world, which are gathering the strangest of humor and allowing for almost any (legal) type of kink to be explored. Read more about Weird Facebook as an emerging subculture



Although yours truly feel kind of young and hip, we were still forced to access the world wide web by actually dialling up via the telephone line, and Facebook wasn’t a thing until our 2nd year of high school. So what must it be like to be born directly into the omnipresent internet?

What must it be like to be a kid without it? The subject of digital natives is fascinating and we could recommend so many amazing articles, podcasts and videos (we’ll probably end up making a series just about this), but for now we recommend you to see this video from TEDx about raising digital natives. We promise it’s relevant even if you’re not a parent.